Introduction to Quantum Information Theory—PHYS 7895


Content. The notes you write should cover all the material covered during the relevant lecture, plus (if needed) real references to the papers containing the covered material. Your notes should be understandable to someone who has not been to the lecture. You should write in full sentences where appropriate; point form (like I write on the board) is often too terse to follow without a sound track (though occasionally it is appropriate). Use numbered sections, subsections, etc. to organize the material hierarchically and with meaningful titles. If you feel it is appropriate, use nested bullets to organize material hierarchically even deeper. Try to preserve the motivation, difficulties, solution ideas, failed attempts, and partial results obtained along the way in the actual lecture.

I will email you an electronic copy of my hand-written lecture notes, which you can use as a starting point. But be warned that these notes record, for the most part, only what I would write on the board (and that only roughly). You are expected to "fill in the gaps" by completing sentences, turning the rough ideas I've written down into the more precise ideas I'll say out loud, etc. You also have a textbook to use as a guide.

Format. Write your notes using LaTeX, with figures in Encapsulated PostScript (generated from xfig or Adobe Illustrator or whatever you want). Start from the provided scribe template, which sets the style.

Timing. Try to write the lecture notes for a class on the same day, because that will save you time. You should finish the first draft of your notes and send it to me by two days after the lecture. Then I'll either send you comments via email or we'll schedule a meeting to go over your write-up, I'll make suggestions, you'll make a second pass, and send it to me. I'll make the final pass, and post it on the webpage. The goal will be to get the notes out by one week after the corresponding class.

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