Crash Course on Quantum Information Theory

This week-long crash course introduces the subject of communication with quantum systems. Quantum information theory exploded in 1994 when Peter Shor published his algorithm that can break RSA encryption codes. Since then, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers have been determining the ultimate capabilities for quantum computation and quantum communication.

Poster for QIT crash course


Lecture 1

  • postulates of quantum mechanics

Lecture 2

  • Bell inequality, CHSH game

Lecture 3

  • no-cloning theorem, teleportation, super-dense coding

Lecture 4

  • mixed states, noisy channels

Lecture 5

  • Schmidt decomposition, proof of the Choi-Kraus theorem for noisy quantum channels

Lecture 6

  • trace distance and fidelity

Lecture 7

  • classical communication over quantum channels
  • second-order coding rates

Lecture 8

  • Renyi generalizations of conditional mutual information (arXiv:1403.6102)

Lecture 9

Last modified: June 28, 2014.